Text 14 Sep Will I ever wake from this nightmare?
Text 8 Sep 6 notes Maybe tonight i’ll fall asleep never to wake another day.
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Being an adult is realizing that $5,000 is a lot of money to owe and very little money to own.

this is real

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Jan Parker - Paintings of Witchcraft and Black Magic, 1971
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Ninja at night


Ninja at night

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I always find myself, waking up to the man in black, the shadow man in the closet, he never seems to leave me be.

I’m looking for the bright side of the moon, ‘but i’m lost on the dark side, lost without a trail. Will i ever find my way?

I’m Stuck on Looking through the wishing well of all thats past, i might as well be the dust, the dust of all things past, but I’m seeing now, what matters is the time of now, not the time ticks of past.

I’m tossin’ and turnin’ , and he’s still lookin. Shadow man, leave me be. Shadow man, why’ve you come for me?

So now i’m runnin’, runnin’ through the times of past. lost on the dark side, the void of moon, without a trail, and fading will.

Everything’s in a reflection, mirrors in every direction. Everything’s in a motion, no signs of stopping the commotion.

So i’m sailing through the dark-white ocean, following the current, when then and there, I realize, i was not all lost, it’s all about what’s in the now, the current that is the present flow of time.

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