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Supernova remnants imaged with the Chandra X-Ray space telescope.

Photo 20 Oct Fucking pig choke on your blood!

Fucking pig choke on your blood!

Photo 15 Oct Gonna get fucked up bitch

Gonna get fucked up bitch

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London Space | (by Marc Khachfe)


London Space | (by Marc Khachfe)

Text 7 Oct 4 notes Well. I am in love with her.

..And it hurts to not be with her. :/
Oh well, i’m just gonna listen to more Trance techno and drink more green tea. :D

Text 5 Oct 1 note Fighting a war that’s everyday,

Struggling to come out to the end,
Might be a suicide casualty,
The wear of life displayed in rows of dark scars,

Where will the final one end it’s mark?

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anton semenov

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